Monday, December 28, 2009

32-Page ebay Buyer's Guide

ebay Buyer's Guide - A Free ebay Auction Give-Away

This file is a PDF eBook. It is already hosted for you.

You can view it and save it to your computer with this link:

You can also use the above link as the give-away link, but it is recommended that you give it away using this landing page link:

Here is the eBook image link:

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

ebay Buyer's Guide - A Free ebay Auction Give-Away

ebay Buyer's Guide - A Free ebay Auction Give-Away

Everybody likes to get free stuff, so why not offer your ebay auction listing visitors a free ebay Buyer's Guide as a bonus just for viewing your listings.

 A potential buyer has clicked on your ebay auction listing; they saw the basic details: current bid, time left, and shipping costs, and they are heading to your item description with one of two things in mind - the current bid is within their price range, and they want the item details to see if they want to bid on it, or, the current bid is too high and they want to see why it is so expensive.

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