Friday, July 17, 2009

Auctiva, Make eBay listing easier, and save money

Auctiva, Make eBay listing easier, and save money
is a 3rd party listing service that can save you money and time using its picture hosting and listing scheduling services. It is very easy to use, and has hundreds of free auction templates, or you can create your own custom template.

But first… we have all been lured into reading reviews or promotions just to realize that the writer is an affiliate promoting the product to make money. Nothing wrong with that if the review is honest and straight forward, but too often it's just another product 'shill' for an over-priced product.

This is a product promotion, not a 'Shill'.

For the sake of full disclosure;
I don't think Auctiva pays for referrals. They did provide a referral link with my user ID inserted, but nowhere on the site could I find any mention of affiliate commissions. And I looked! I wouldn't mind getting paid for promoting a product I like. But, it's a good service and maybe I'll get a 'Thank you' email if any of you folks use the link to check them out.

I have been using Auctiva since 2006. It was a FREE service until July 1, 2009. They were an eBay affiliate, that's how they were able to offer their services free to us and still stay in business.

Auctiva is a big 3rd party provider, one of the majors in the market. There are others, Vendio and Ink Frog come to mind, but when I first started on eBay and was looking for this kind of service, Auctiva was FREE, easy to use, and suited my needs, and, well, does it get better than that?

eBay Partner Network Affiliate Program... Is it for you?

eBay Partner Network Affiliate Program... Is it for you?

The eBay Partner Network affiliate program has gone through some major changes lately, and a lot of affiliates have been dropped. BANS affiliates have been hit especially hard by the tightening of affiliate performance standards. If you make money online using eBay’s affiliate program, or are planning to, you need to be aware of the programs new direction.

For a bit of history;
The eBay Partner Network, (let's call it ePN from here-on), is eBay’s affiliate program. It was initially administered through an affiliate portal called Commission Junction, but was taken 'in-house' by eBay in 2008. The affiliate fees were fairly generous, and a whole new affiliate market developed using what are called 'niche stores'.

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